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Olimpo apartment

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Luxury apartment up to 8 people 200 metres away the Duomo. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, living room, lounge area and studio. 1st floor with elevator. Renovated and furnished in 2009. Small balcony facing Via Cavour. Air cond, Tv sat, internet, washing machine, dishwasher.

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Val Johnson | Canada
The apartment is big 4 baths and 4 bedrooms as described (the bedroom with single beds has no outside windows but opens onto an interior shaft) but looks NOTHING like the elegant pictures on the ad. We actually argued with the representative that this was not the apartment in the pictures it was, but the pictures were taken a VERY long time ago. The place is run down: upholstered furniture is very worn and saggy, the walls desperately need painting. Bathrooms were clean but everything else was dusty. Table cover was absolutely filthy we scrubbed it and then rinsed it in the shower. Showers were good, linen was good, but the wiring was inadequate could only use one burner on the stove on high at a time or two burners on medium anything more blew all the breakers. The location is great but very noisy busy street and a MacDonalds immediately below that is a happening place until the wee hours of the morning. Even with the windows closed we needed earplugs to sleep.rnrnReply of the owner:rnrnMany thanks for your review. I feel sorry to hear that you were notrnsatisfied with the apartment OLIMPO. Your negative review is the firstrnone we receive in 8 years we are working with this apartment. Thernapartment was completely renewed 2 years ago (before the apartment wasrnsplit in three sparate ones) and most of the pics were taken afterrnrenovation and correspond exactly to the apartment. Most of thernfurniture is antique, but absolutely it is not worn and saggy. Wernnoticed that on the walls there are some stains (it happens sometimesrnthat clients slam their baggages on the walls) and unfortunatelyrnbeing the apartment constantly rented we could not remove them.rnAs to the apartment being dusty and the table cover filthy: we feelrnsorry about this, you should have informed us immediately and we wouldrnhave sent our cleaning lady to solve this.rnInadequate wiring: in all apartments we manage in Florence can happenrnthe same, not because the wiring is inadequate but because thernavailable power per hour is not enough if you use all the electricrnappliances there are in the apartment at the same time. We recommendrnnot to use more than 3 at the same time, to prevent electricity leaps.rnNoisy Location: the apartment, that has double glazed window, is in the heart of the city centre (we are 5 min from the Cathedral) and city centres (not only in FLorence, but in any other town in the world) might be noisy, not only because of the traffic (which is limited in this area) but also because ofrnpeople standing outside the restaurants and / or bars close to thernapartment. Best regards Cristina.
2013-11-01 3/10

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