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How to book with Florence & Tuscany?

To book is very easy, but please read with attention!

FlorenceandTuscany.com offers a vast array of accommodations for short, mediun am long term rental in Florence.

General information

A request for information is not considered a reservation and does not give the inquirer an option on the apartment, which remains available.

You can be certain that you have rented it only when you receive our confirmation with instructions about how to send your deposit.

If explicitly requested we may option an apartment for a few days but this is not our practice because we do not work on the basis of exclusivity. The owner has the right to rent the apartment to others during this period.

From the time you receive our e-mail of confirmation we suggest that you do not wait more than two days before sending the requested deposit. Otherwise Florence & Tuscany reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

If you have difficulty in making the payment please advise us in advance so that we may agree on an extension.

Payment may be made with a VISA credit card or through a bank transfer (only from Europe).

I am sorry but we do not accept bank transfers coming outside the IBAN area. In case you do not have an European account and you want to send us a bank transfer all the bank charges (that are very high!) of the receiver and of the sender have to be covered by the sender

You can send your credit card details with complete security by returning to us, via fax, the form we'll send you when you make your reservation.

When we receive your deposit we will e-mail a voucher for you to print and bring with you.

The voucher contains important information such as the address of the property, contact details, amount paid and the balance due on arrival.

Vouchers are sent in doc format as an attachment. If you do not receive your voucher within three days of payment please contact us so that we may arrange for it to be re-sent in a different format.

Short term rentals

If you rent an apartment for short rental you will be asked for an aproximately advance of  15% or 30% of the total amount. This dipends on the apartment you have chosen.

The balance of the total amount - is paid in cash (Euros) in most cases because the apartment owners are not likely to accept credit cards.

Owners of larger properties are an exception. They may accept credit cards or bank transfers, which will be stated explicitly on your voucher.

Some owners may request a deposit to cover possible property damage (from 200 to 400 euros) to be paid on your arrival.

This will be returned to you when you check out. If you are going to be asked for this deposit it will be specified on your voucher.

The apartment prices include bed sheets, towels (changed weekly), use of gas, water and electricity, cleaning of the apartment when you depart and taxes.

When the rent is not all-inclusive, or some expenses are extra, this is stated in the description you'll find at the site or in the reply submitted in writing in case you had made extra requests.

When only weekly, not daily, prices are cited this means that the apartment is likely to be available for a period of not less than 5 to 7 days.

It might be available for fewer days only for reservations which are made late (one month in advance, at most) or in low season.

Any day of the week is an acceptable arrival date for almost all apartments; there are a few, however, which accept only Saturday arrivals.

Medium or long-term rentals

If you rent an apartment for more than a month you will be asked for an advance deposit of a month's rent.

The cost of utilities, an internet connection and cleaning the apartment when you leave it are usually not included in long-term rents.

Please don't ask us to estimate what these might amount to because that depends on your use of the utilities.

Generally the major cost in winter is for heating, and in summer, when present, for air conditioning.

Most of the apartments have individually regulated gas heating which you can adjust in the course of the day. This can save you money.

Needless to say, turning off the lights when you leave the apartment and in general a correct and knowing use of water, gas and electricity spares your purse as well as the environment.

When rentals are for longer than one month the apartment is usually furnished with two or three changes per person.

Sometimes it is supplied with only the initial set of sheets and towels; changes have a fixed cost. This will be speciified in advance.

If the months of occupancy are incomplete, for example two and a half months, the charge is usually for two full months and one half month.

If the occupancy were for two months and 20 days, the tendency is to charge for two whole months and a daily tariff for 20 days calculated by dividing the monthly rent by 30 or 31 days.

A departure sooner than the date on the voucher does not entitle one to the restitution of the rent.

Check in time

When you know your times of arrival and departure please advise the apartment's owner by e-mail. You'll find the e-mail address only on your reservation voucher.

It is very important to do this well in advance to give the owner enough time to prepare for your check-in, being sure that all is in order.

Please do not telephone at the last minute. Renting an apartment is different from taking a room in a hotel, where you can always find someone at the reception desk.

Check out time

Check-out must take place by 10.30 a.m.

Most of the owners will try to accommodate later check-outs when possible, but it will be wise for you to be prepared to check out at 10.30 a.m.

What you have to know before booking

FlorenceandTuscany.com offers a vast array of accommodations. All the apartments are the personal selections of Barbara Anselmi, owner of the agency, who visited and inspected each of them.

The written descriptions of the apartments are accurate as well and are intended to provide as much information as possible.

Very important notice:
All that is not mentioned in the description of an apartment means that it is not present.
For example, if the air conditioning is not mentioned means that the apartment has no air conditioning.

Here are the answers to some of the questions most frequently asked.

Photos: Photos of the apartments are absolutely accurate, although some of the furnishings may sometimes be rearranged. When these variations are minimum (usually for the better) and do not alter the overall look, they are not documented by new photographs.

Bed sizes: Generally, our listings state the dimensions of the beds. Bear in mind that the standard size of an Italian double bed is a generous 160x190 cm. The size of a single bed is 80x190 cm. Sofa beds are one and a half widths, or 140x190 cm, unless otherwise stated.

Floor numbers: When an Italian apartment is described as being on the first floor, it is on what would be called the second floor in standard American terminology. In the offerings of Florence & Tuscany, "ground floor" means that there are no steps to climb (unless otherwise indicated); "first floor" means one flight up, and so on.

Elevators: Whether an apartment is or is not served by an elevator is explicitly stated.

Amenities and equipment: All apartments are provided with heating, water and and private baths, towels, bed linens, blankets or quilts, toilet paper, soap, pots, dishes, flatware, glasses and kitchen utensils are supplied.

Animals: Apartment owners do not accept cats or other domestic animals unless agreed to in advance. Most owners do not accept even small animals.

Number of guests: The number of occupants must not exceed that agreed on when the apartment is reserved. In any case, it must not exceed the number accommodated by the beds.

Allergies: If you or members of your party are allergic to goose down, animal hairs, etc. please advise us before you make your reservation. Some apartments may have goose down pillows or quilts. Italy.

Washing machines: When a washing machine is listed in the description of an apartment, it does not include a dryer unless mentioned. Dryers are not commonly used in Italy.

Dsl connections: The DSL connections mentioned in some descriptions are of course high-speed connections.

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